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Are you hosting an event that requires EMS presence? Are you expecting a large group of people to attend your event? TUEMS is happy to help!


TUEMS is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health as a Quick Response Unit. We are a fully equipped bike crew that can respond to emergencies on-campus or the surrounding outskirts of campus. We also provide medical assistance at large events such as sporting events, concerts, fundraisers etc. If you are planning an event, consider adding TUEMS to your team! Please contact us for availability and pricing. 


*If completing the form below, please indicate:

  • Time and Date of Event

  • Location of Event

  • Approximate Number of People Attending


(215) 204-4804 (TUEMS non-emergency)

(215) 204-1234 (TUPD emergency line)


1101 West Montgomery Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19122

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